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About Us

Home Guardian LLC was formed in September 2010, originally focused on At Need End Users who need assistance from time to time to stay in their homes. In December 2014, Home Guardian began an acquisition with SafetyCare Technologies LLC to acquire the Avalon Call Solution. This acquisition will allow Home Guardian to provide a reliable call solution to the Senior Housing Market.

Home Guardian has over 20 years of combined security experience, and customer service. We look forward to providing you with any information on products and services you may need, simply use our Contact Us section for more details and to speak with one of our staff members. 


Home Guardian will assist you throughout your Emergency Call System Purchase

We provide Pre Installation consultation, and offer a Variety of product options for your needs. Home Guardian can Provide services to your community whether you have a new installation, or Retrofitting an existing building. Please see below for our typical installation types:
     1. Call Pendants
     2. Pull Cord system
     3. Door and Window Alarm System
     4. Wander and Elopement Management
     5. Call Accounting, Management, and alerting (Comdial and InterTel 5000 switches.)
     6. Paging Systems


Home Guardian provides installation services for those facilities not interested in performing their own installations. From installing a new computer through installing your complete call System, Home Guardian has the expertise to handle your installation needs.


After your system is installed, we Provide Parts and pieces to keep your system up and running at its best. Whether your community installation was performed by us or someone else, we will provide you with Post installation sales and support for peripheral devices, Pendants, Pull Cords, Door, and Window Alarms. If you would like to know if we carry your Product Line, Please contact us at 800-700-4018

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